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From farm kid to college student to piano player to mental patient to teacher in the U.S. and abroad to wife (twice) to adoptive parent (twice), my life has taken many adventurous turns. 

I've always written. 

This memoir says it all, for now.

Available at  https://www.amazon.com/Key-Be-Memoir-Lena-Hubin-ebook/dp/B07BX9MVTP 

One woman's story about chasing serenity across the globe....

"A moving story told with brave and honest reflection upon a life of travel and adventure. Through the often parallel journeys of mother and son, the reader shares the author's joys and sorrows, watching her grow in love for her family and herself--despite anxieties that impact them all. 

       -Connie Kiosse, author of The Best of  Friends: Two Sisters, 

                                                                             One Journey


Me and my beloved son, Vancouver, 1990

Two decades later, in 2010:     

     "Tim's always been good in the water," I say. "He knows how to stay afloat. Why should I worry?"

     Water, air, the ground we walk, it's all of a piece. I can let the Universe take care of Tim, and everything else.... 

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